Crazy Old Bay Ridge Man Sparks Tabloid FrenzyWhile media watchers speculated about the backstory over the Times' John McCain article, another journalistic tug-of-war was underway; this one over Richard Martin [photo via NYP], a crazy old coot handyman in Bay Ridge who leaves crazy, rude, threatening notes for his tenants. The blogs have been laughing at Martin for a while now, but today both the Post and the Daily News have stories about the man. For no apparent reason. It's a full-fledged tabloid war! What's the backstory here? We won't rest until we figure it out. [UPDATE: Could this link in an NYT blog have been the spark? Also, much more info and pictures of Martin's work here]. Below, two of Martin's helpful notes to his tenants—keep in mind his explanation that "They're Arabs, they don't give a fuck."

Crazy Old Bay Ridge Man Sparks Tabloid Frenzy

Crazy Old Bay Ridge Man Sparks Tabloid Frenzy


[Photos from Right In Bay Ridge]

[UPDATE 2: Right In Bay Ridge has more backstory on the viral spread of Richard Martin's media fame.]