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Mark Zuckerberg wants to hire a well-known executive to help him run Facebook, BoomTown reports. It's like when Google founders Brin and Page hired a then-obscure Eric Schmidt away from Novell, except Zuckerberg wants to keep the CEO title. "It has to be someone who does not overshadow Mark," a source told BoomTown, "But also someone who can challenge him when he needs challenging."

On BoomTown, Kara Swisher rattles off two dozen or so possibilities before settling on Netscape founder Marc Andreessen. It's an odd choice. Consider the companies Andreessen founded: Netscape is dead, Opsware was bought, and Ning builds social networks for porn sites. None of these are fates Zuckerberg would wish for Facebook. Practically speaking, I'd go for someone running a revenue machine proven to work at a public company, like Apple marketing czar Greg Joswiak or Google's Sheryl Sandberg. For sheer entertainment value, though, we nominate former Pay By Touch CEO John Rogers.