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It's a scene far more horrific than anything Wes Craven could dream up in one of his films. Wes Craven is being sued by Pauly Shore! [insert dramatic music sting] Yes, the legendary director and the legendary weasel are neighbors, and have been engaged in a Hatfield/McCoy-style feud for quite some time. Currently, the Weez is suing Craven because he feels that Craven caused a landslide on his property when he made some home improvements. Not only that, Pauly claims that Craven failed to properly eradicate the rodents burrowing in their shared hillside. Yet the twisted tale does not end there. Apparently it was Craven who sued Pauly first, way back in June. Craven said that when Pauly added a pool and spa to his Hollywood Hills home, he caused water to seep down a slope and damage his property. Totally bogus, buhhhhdeee!

Boys, boys, stop your fighting. There's an easy solution to this mess. Pauly Shore is obviously desperate for work. He would certainly drop the suit if Craven were to offer him a part in his next film. Then Craven could orchestrate the single most gruesome murder scene he's ever shot and everyone would come out on top. Problem solved.

There's just one lingering question that remains. Hasn't Wes Craven worked hard enough in his life that he doesn't have to live in the same neighborhood as Pauly Shore?