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When it comes to the Oscars, who you bring is just as important as who you wear. And sure, it used to be cool to take your significant other or your mom, but now, thanks to one little off-the-cuff remark from Michael Moore, you're nobody unless you bring a dictator. On Tuesday, while walking the red carpet at the Semi-Pro premiere, the rotund documentarian joked about wanting to take the newly retired president of Cuba, Fidel Castro, as his date to the Academy Awards. As he says:

"I got some great news today because I was trying to figure out how I was going to get Castro into the Oscars and for me he resigns today so he can come to L.A. and go as my guest and perhaps give the acceptance speech."

Unfortunately, when the other actors heard about this, they didn't realize Moore was kidding. Soon enough, Marion Cotillard's publicist was on the phone with Hugo Chavez begging him to be her date. Jamie Foxx called Kim Jong Il personally and said he wanted to "roll up" with him. Not to be outdone, Jessica Alba told Cash Warren that his escort services were no longer needed and that instead she would be digging up the rotting corpse of Adolph Hitler, stuffing him into a Dolce & Gabbana tux and heading to the ceremony. Anything to stay relevant in Hollywood!