Did you know that documentarian Michael Moore's recent film SiCKO is nominated for an Oscar? As part of his effort to publicize this fact while still acting like he is attempted to do good crusade-y liberal things, he is holding a conference call this afternoon. It is about how unfair it is that his film might win an Oscar but the subjects profiled in it are still sick. Would you like to dial into this conference call and maybe ask Michael if he regrets making his film available for free on the internet, resulting in no one going to see it in theaters? Or just say something snide about Castro? Here is your opportunity! We'll leave it to you to debate the relative dickishness of crashing a phone press conference featuring an ill 9/11 rescue worker. Press release, with call-in info, after the jump.



Michael Moore's SiCKO Nominated for Oscar on Sunday, but

9/11 Rescue Workers Profiled in Film Face Health Care Cuts

Eight months after the release of Michael Moore's SiCKO, things have
gone from bad to worse for some of the SiCKO patients profiled in the
documentary. SiCKO is nominated for an Oscar at this Sunday's Academy
Awards. Yet the day-to-day struggles of many of the people whose
stories were told on the big screen have not gotten any easier.

The truth of this hit home in New York, where SiCKO patient Reggie
Cervantes, a 9/11 first responder, recently learned that the federal
government has cut 77 percent of the funding for health care for 9/11
workers. These workers are organizing a protest rally to draw
attention to the cuts in Washington, DC next Tuesday (February 26).

WHAT: Conference Call with Michael Moore, SiCKO patients on eve of Oscars

CALL IN INFO: 1-800-895-4790, Conference ID: 7SICKO

WHEN: TODAY - February 22 at 11 am PST / 2pm ET

WHO: Michael Moore, Oscar-award winning documentary filmmaker
Rose Ann DeMoro, Executive Director, CNA/NNOC

Reggie Cervantes, 9/11 New York rescue worker profiled in SiCKO

Donna Smith, CNA/NNOC Communications Specialist, SiCKO patient

Julie Pierce, SiCKO patient