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Parenthood groups are always trying to ruin the fun. Just after adorable homocidal freak Dexter made his debut on CBS to triumphant ratings, the Parents Television Council is trying to take the show off the air (or at least back to Showtime, where skeeviness and scandal rules). Despite having some of the funniest accusatory headlines we've seen since "Headless Body In Topless Bar" on their site (NBC is guilty of Airing Nudity and Assaulting Families!), Dexter seems to have pushed their buttons more than any entries on their list of Worst Shows On Television:

"What could possibly lead them to determine that a show about a pathological serial killer 'hero' could be appropriate for 14-year old children? The only reason is corporate greed."

The only problem with the PTC's anti-Dexter statement is their examples of oh-so-gruesomeness, which only make us want to watch more and more. And, since we can still perfectly remember that Kelly Gets Raped episode of 90210 our parents wouldn't let us watch, kids are just gonna hear these rants and wanna see the gore more than ever: "the show featured Dexter cutting [a] man with a scalpel and then approaching his head with an electric saw...lining up severed body parts on a table, and driving his car while the severed head of a woman hits the car and rolls into the street." We've been waiting for a more comedic take on severed body parts ever since the stench of I Know Who Killed Me gave us the slightest distaste for them.