The US government would maybe like to spruce up the network of existing interstates that runs from Texas to our Canadian border. The state of Texas, meanwhile, is looking into constructing a multi-lane freeway that would stretch from Laredo, on the Mexican border, to Arkansas. Naturally, this means that the American government has sold us out to foreign interests, dissolved our sovereignty, and allowed the shadowy "North American Union" to begin work on a vast "NAFTA Superhighway"several football fields wide!—that would destroy our borders, and our rights, for good. This conspiracy theory, quite popular among the more extreme cranks of the far-right and libertarian movements, was brought to our attention by the tireless work promoting it done by respected economic commentator Lou Dobbs, of CNN.

For a decent grounding in the myths and realities of the NAFTA Superhighway story, here's the Washington Post's Fact Checker taking on the crazy musings of Republican presidential candidate and Emperor Of World Of Warcraft Ron Paul. For a more entertaining look at the issue, consult respected internet publications of record like World Net Daily and TownHall.

According to World Net Daily, the fact that money was allocated to build a portion of an interstate in Tennessee is incontrovertible proof that the battle against Mexicanadamerica has already been lost. (And did you know that Giuliani is involved??)


Take a look at this stirring letter from Ron Paul:

The ultimate goal is not simply a superhighway, but an integrated North American Union—complete with a currency, a cross-national bureaucracy, and virtually borderless travel within the Union. Like the European Union, a North American Union would represent another step toward the abolition of national sovereignty altogether.

Your children will be spending Ameros on disgusting Mexican candy on their way to drug cartel meetings. Also some Canadian stereotypes will be involved. (Sklar?) Even Red China will oppress us on the Hell Highway! Unless hero of the working man Lou Dobbs has anything to say about it!


Dobbs has been fighting the NAFTA Superhighway since whenever one of his producers found it on an anti-immigration message board (probably), railing repeatedly against the Unconstitutionality of this terrible road. Even avuncular loon Pat Buchanan takes cues from Lou regarding this menace to our freedoms.

The highway is especially dangerous, as Pat notes, because the Mexicans commit lots of crimes, shoot guns at children, and probably lust after white women.

Lou's role in exposing this injustice-in-the-making is so key that he's the star of this insane and awesome YouTube clip we found:

Eager to discuss what we learned about the Fox-Bush Autobahn, we clicked over to our favorite message board ever, the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC forum. In the thread called WATCH LOU DOBBS ON NAFTA SUPERHIGHWAY TUESDAY, we eagerly read the words of our fellow patriots.

In the immortal words of poster butterbean: "POOR LOU - HE IS JUST 1 MAN, WITH JUST 1 HOUR, AND SO MUCH NEWS TO COVER."

And, as GeorgiaPeach writes:

I got the impression that he was really serious about keeping the public informed about the NAFTA Superhighway. On YOUTUBE there are several videos of the segments done on Lou Dobbs in regards to the Nafta Superhighway if someone has not viewed them yet.

Ephesians 4:32

Lou Dobbs Will Save America From the Mexi-Canadian Highway of Doom

It's true! Lou is very serious about "keeping the public informed about the NAFTA Superhighway," which is crazy code for "dazzling the rubes with imaginary threats." Lou Dobbs, friend of the little guy, is surely personally outraged that longshoreman and truckers will maybe end up out of work a dozen years from now, theoretically, once the upgrade of the existing interstate system leads to the middle of the nation becoming the continent's center of commerce. It keeps him up nights! He can barely stand to listen to his daughter talk about her horses anymore! (Please click that link. Harvard sophomore Hillary Dobbs: "my horses are jumping the best they have ever jumped.")

Yes, Lou truly cares about the fate of the working man, where the working man is defined as the white working man, and where all the threats to his livelihood involve Mexicans.

Here's more clips of Lou on the NAFTA Superhighway to Hell: