Monumental tool (and musician) Pete Wentz thinks he's really funny. And that he has something to say. So, like ya do, he made a video about it. It's a joke about celebrity culture and doing things for others and how sometimes celebrities are disingenuous about doing things for others. He has his monumental tool (and musician?) girlfriend Ashlee [sic] Simpson on hand to help him. It ends up being just a stupid Britney Spears joke that was made a few years ago, by funnier people. Oh and look! At the end, they call themselves assholes. Isn't that badass?? Pete should go back to opening shitty bars. At least then we won't have to hear him. Wait. Wait, no. No he shouldn't. He should go back to... He should just go. Video after the jump.

Pete Wentz Jokingly Calls Self An Asshole, No One Laughs
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