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When you're new in Hollywood, or at least a first-timer at the Oscars, one rule to keep in mind: don't act like a diva with witnesses around and then publicly deny your behavior later, for the truth will ALWAYS come back to haunt you. According to a tipster with knowledge of DiabloShoeGate `08, there was a lengthy back-and-forth between Diablo Cody, her stylist, and Stuart Weitzman's people about the diamond-encrusted t-straps that she was supposed to be wearing to the Academy Awards last night. In fact, we have learned that her stylist is the one who approached Weitzman's people in the first place, asking if Cody could pretty please wear his shoes on the carpet. What happened next? Read on for the murky details surrounding a publicity stunt gone terribly wrong.

So! As we said, we have learned that Cody's stylist approached Weitzman's people first. After agreeing to a meeting, Cody, the stylist and Weitzman's team sat down several times to discuss the Leopard Skinned Lady's design requests for this year's shoe. Only problem? Once the press got a hold of this information (indie queen with a dirty mouth wearing the fanciest shoes on the carpet), the torch-waving mob yelled Hypocrite. Cody's reaction? Denial, denial, denial. According to our source, once she read some bad press pre-Oscars, she nixed the long-worked-on design and went with her more fan-friendly flats (and vented about it on MySpace). Why a chick like Diablo, with her signature punk style, would even clamor for a pair of chintzy third-rate shoes in the first place is beyond us, but then again, so was her choice in Oscar dress. Developing!