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For the liberal-arts majors who still dominate the ranks of reporters, simple multiplication is a daunting task. Which is likely why Radar and Silicon Alley Insider have contributed 419 words about the firing of Gawker reporter Maggie Shnayerson, yet failed to answer the essential question: How much was she making? The answer is simple, based on publicly available information:

Gawker pays $7.50 per thousand pageviews, editor Nick Denton announced recently. Shnayerson's target was 670,000 pageviews. Under Gawker's scheme, which pays a guaranteed rate to bloggers, and a bonus for the pageviews they generate above their target. That means Shnayerson was getting paid $5,000 a month, at minimum. Not bad for a blogger. (Gawker, like Valleywag, is published by Gawker Media, and I report to a guy who reports to Denton. If you want to know our pay rate, just ask.)