In case you missed it, Salon's lead story today is about how Americans like John McCain and Barack Obama because they remind them of an interracial buddy cop movie, like Lethal Weapon. No, seriously! John McCain is a grizzled old vet, just one campaign away from retirement! Barack Obama is a wise-crackin street-smart sassy black guy, minus most of those descriptors that aren't "black." Also, dudes like guys, and John McCain and Barack Obama are both guys. Hi, Kurt Andersen! Anyway, it's all about sexism, according to this dude, in Salon. Fun bonus: the worst piece of photoshop ever committed to pixels. It's supposed to be Obama and McCain as Danny Glover and Mel Gibson, but that's obviously the wrong interracial buddy cop movie. McCain is a "maverick" and a little bit crazy, yes, but he's also 100 years old, like Nick Nolte in 48 Hours (and every other thing he's ever been in). [Salon]