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Jakob Lodwick's back from blogging! The recently fired founder of Vimeo and ex-boyfriend of Star editor-at-large Julia Allison says he'll no longer hand loaded guns to thugs, which apparently means fewer topless self-portraits and embarrassing self-revelations, and more news about his startup. It's called Normative and, since starting really pretty web sites is Jakob's talent (which is the only reason I pay attention to him), it will probably be interesting if utterly unprofitable. Also, he's going to end all government involvement in the private sector! And he's starting a third blog just to list the things that he, Jakob, likes. So here's a quick guide to Jakob's three blogs:

Jakob Jakob's old blog will now be a place for appropriate public things. This is because "private information, by its nature, cannot be public" and Jakob will "comply with this aspect of reality." I hope everything he writes here is that readable!

Enjoyble: It's not because is taken by a domain squatter! It's because he's clever. Enjoyble is Jakob's "'good culture' blog" where he shares "stuff that I like." The first thing Jakob likes is a topless girl!

The Invisible Fist is a Tumblr Tumblelog Brand tumblog that promotes Jakob's brand of anarchocapitalist objectivism, mostly through quotes from some libertarian blogger and Ron Paul.

I feel like someone handed me a loaded gun!