Go Daddy defrauds customer, Google defrauds Go DaddyAfter domain-name registrar Go Daddy charged him for an account he never opened, MessageCast CTO Dave Hodson looked into how it happened. He discovered Go Daddy doesn't ask customers for the three-digit code that appears on the back of their credit cards during the purchase process — a measure meant to assure customers has the original cards in their possession. So Hodson blogged about it to warn others that "Go Daddy is a fraudster's paradise." Really, Go Daddy security czar Neil Warner should stop futzing around with time zones and get his employer to add card-code verification. But that's not the best part of the story.

That would be Google's karmic role. Hodson's blog carries ads from Google. And where better for a Go Daddy ad to appear than next to a blog post which concludes, "GoDaddy — you suck"?

Go Daddy defrauds customer, Google defrauds Go Daddy