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Paul Sorvino, the director of The Trouble with Cali, which just shot in Scranton "Home of The Office" PA, is in the hot seat for cost overruns on the production. A 95-page general ledger provided to the Lackawanna County commissioners, said the crew spent "$400 to pay for traffic violations, $3,500 for credit card late fees, nearly $39,000 for meals, and more than $575 for alchoholic 'office refreshments,'" and that Sorvino "received thousands of dollars more than he previously said they would." Sorvino countered that the tickets and other payments were unforeseen expenses and nothing out of the ordinary, and that his $16,889.93 salary and additional $10,144 in reimbursements were nothing compared to the "$200,000 of my own money" he already invested into the movie. We throw this one out to the budgeting experts among us—does any of this seem fishy? [thetimes-tribune]