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It's becoming a frequently asked question: No, NSA on Craigslist personals isn't the National Security Agency. It means "no strings attached." That means the ad placer wants a quick fuck without the slightest possibility of either side looking for a long-term relationship. But NSA in the ad doesn't always end up no-strings-attached after you're done. Here's what you have to do to protect yourself.

  • Is she married? Ask.
  • Make clear to your partner that you do this a lot with other women, lest she get ideas that you're her special piece on the side. Because really, if you're that good and you nail her often enough, can you blame her for wanting more of you?
  • Don't give your NSA partner's contact info to friends interested in same. You can only speak for your own discretion and openness.
  • Get a second phone if you plan to do casual hookups regularly. You don't want your BlackBerry ringing in the middle of a meeting because her boyfriend, in the throes of insane jealousy, is repeat-dialing through her call history. Yes, this happens — a lot.