COMPARED with an array of beverages, sports drinks are "wildly skewed to non-bloggers," said David Lockwood, a director of research at Mintel International, a market research group. Part of the reason, he said, is that bloggers tend to avoid the lack of mind- or personality-altering affects.

"Getting some of the benefits of a sports drink without all the 'physical activity' is something a lot of bloggers at the MacBook are looking for," said Alex Balk, the diet and nutrition editor at Radar, a magazine for bloggers. Alex Pareene, the day editor at and an alcoholic, tested three drinks while typing nonsense about Nicole Richie's baby, banning commenters and obsessively checking traffic stats. He found them suitable for a range of activities, but mostly for moderate-intensity Denton-ignoring.

COFFEE $1 for a large cup at the bodega across the street, Bed-Stuy. This hot beverage carries a decent-sized dose of the stimulant caffeine, and "allows me to become alert enough to finally trawl through and occasionally respond to the hundreds of typo-corrections, emails from flacks, student loan reminders, and obscenity-filled tirades from former Gawker employees that accumulate and are ignored each afternoon as the previous morning's buzz wears off," Mr. Pareene said. "Then I break for lunch."

TECATE $9 for six 12 oz. cans, same bodega. This refreshing Mexican beer (or "cerveza") is "cheaper and better than that Corona shit," Mr. Pareene said. He recommends placing the one mug you haven't drunkenly broken yet in the freezer before use, and enjoying your beer ice cold and frosty, as your landlord fucking refuses to find any medium in the building's heat between "just not on at all" and "Turkish bath" and you can't open the windows because the cats will run away. Best at "lunch," spent while staring with dead eyes at 1,000+ unread headlines in Google Reader, wondering what percentage of them are from certain Tumblrs.

OLD OVERHOLT STRAIGHT RYE WHISKEY $16 for a 1 ltr bottle, the liquor store. An excellent source of alcohol.

I'll Have What She's Having [NYT]