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Some people's underwear cinches at the mere thought of foreign-language film snubs, "In Memoriam" montage omissions and other Oscar-night transgressions, but one eagle-eyed blogger appears to have found the sure-to-be-controversial Achilles' heel that could have — nay, should have — stopped the No Country For Old Men juggernaut in its laconic Texas tracks:

No Country for Old Men was a great film. I'm not trying to say it was anything but spectacular. But I'm going to fucking take the Coen Brothers to task on something. Ready? WHY THE FUCK IS THERE JACK LINK'S BEEF JERKY SO PROMINENTLY PLACED IN SUCH A PIVOTAL SCENE?"

Aside from it being so fucking distracting, it's also a completely unnecessary anachronism. I hope it's just some attempt at sneaky product placement that they were forced into as a means of paying for the film. Otherwise, guess what. GIVE BACK THE FUCKING OSCARS. HAND THEM TO P.T. ANDERSON. YOU TOO, RUDIN. UNACCEPTABLE OVERSIGHT."

Throw in the fact that "Friendo" didn't enter the vernacular until 2007, and hell, I'll drive the Oscar reclamation bandwagon myself.