Hey, stuff is still happening with that big Hong Kong Sex Scandal, according to various hazily substantiated postings across the Internet! When we last checked in on Edison Chen, the actor and star of the scandal, he had decided to take some time off to do charity work and recover from the fallout. Turns out that time off involved a trip to the US, a failed attempt to get his mob-connected girlfriend to marry him, and a short-lived stint in rehab for sex addiction. Police now suspect he may have leaked all those pictures himself [via Radar]. So many twists and turns! This is as good a time as any to toss out a few more of those scandalous, too-hot-for-the-Times pictures, which we have edited down to a respectable R-rating. Here's hoping Chen does some more stuff so we can use up the rest of these things!

Edison Chen's gangstafied girlfriend:

Edison Chen and friend: