· Is it wrong to think that John Mayer is maybe, just maybe, a really funny guy at heart? Whenever he's on TMZ fucking with the papps, he makes us laugh. See you later tonight at Relapse, John! [TMZ]
· Part Two of The A.V. Club's series of essays called The New Cult Canon focuses on Morvern Callar. I thought that movie was kinda boring the first time I saw it, but now I'm going to have to revisit. [A.V. Club]
· Our all-time favorite episode of True Life is the one called "I Have A Summer Share." You know, the one that follows a slew of jabronis spending their summer on the Jersey Shore? The latest Post Show creation, Douchebag Beach, reminds us very much of that famous episode. Good stuff. [Douchebag Beach]
· The title of this article says it all — "I'm the idiot who bought an HD-DVD player: A Casualty of the Format War tells all." Another excellent piece from the multi-talented Josh Levin. [Slate]
· Lastly, the trailer for the new Mike Myers jawn, The Love Guru, debuted earlier today. Despite the appearance of a few gags that seem very similar to what we saw in the three Austin Powers films, we must say this movie actually looks promising. [/Film]