As the bra-burning women's rights activists etched into our heads, being a feminist means having a choice: you can either choose to bake pies alongside June Cleaver, or you can choose to spray whip cream on your tits and shake your moneymaker in front of salivating men. But whichever path you choose to trek, you can always win an Oscar! Just like Diablo Cody (the artist formerly known as Brook Busey-Hunt, aka Candy Girl)! As you might expect, Diablo's triumph is proving to be an inspiration for aspiring pole dancers everywhere. As one stripper wrote on her blog, "I can't tell you how excited I am by [Cody] being shot out of the fame cannon and into the dazzling sky." Us too! But just in case Diablo's win wasn't enough to inspire these lacy ladies to put away their chaps for good, just wait til they read Cody's MySpace response to Tuesday's nudie pic revelations:

"I personally put my vag out there with pride, ladies and gents. And you bet your ass I'd do it again if the Beef Council would cough up the proper endorsement money."

The Beef Council? That's not funny, that's bogue. Fortunately, we think it's a safe bet to assume that the doddering old Hugh Hefner won't be coughing up any "endorsement money" for Diablo nude pix anytime soon, either. Judging by what we saw behind her Oscar dress's up-to-the-hip slit, on top of how conflicted we are about the "sexiness" of those MySpace pics, we're fairly certain that guys (or girls, for that matter) wouldn't exactly rush to the newsstands for a chance to see airbrushed pull-out spreads of our tattooed hero in the birthday suit we've already become quite familiar with.