Crazy old Courtney Love continues to regale the internet with her drunken ramblings. This time the rock and/or roller rants at length, on a CitySearch page no less, about how New York accounting firm Altman, Greenfield, & Selvaggi has bilked her out of some money. "my forensic pyschiatrist looked at herbooks and declared Victoria Blake to be 'psychotic'", she keens. "Selvaggis justa bad guy, theres Beemers and ironically he opened a joint business account with an ex boyfriend who rana MASSIVE real estate scam involving unincoprated townships and convalescent homes through these accounts." Big words! She also mentions that members of Kurt Cobain's family have been nefariously cheated. Is it real? Is it fake? Either way real Courtney Love or fake Courtney Love has wayyy too much time on her hands. The full, bizarre missive after the jump.