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Want to work for Peter Thiel, the Facebook board member, hot-shot venture capitalist, and hedge fund manager? Thiel's personal assistant at Clarium Capital, Robertson George Morrow III — call him Trey — is sending around an email looking for the "right kind of conservative" to give away Thiel's money from his New York offices. Thiel's targeting four areas:

1) conservative political education and activism, 2) life extension research, 3) a specific strain of Christian philosophy, and 4) university life.

With a starting salary between $100,000 and $200,000 and business-class everything — "none of the usual economizing associated with nonprofits" — the gig actually sounds pretty sweet. That is, if you can embrace Thiel's necessarily nuanced right-wing politics and get over reporting to a guy whose name ends in a roman numeral. Send your resume along with SAT scores to: