Now that Ryan Adams has taken down his YouTube page and ignored my emails asking him to do video commentary, and Whitney from The Hills kinda scared me, I've been wondering who else to inappropriately stalk. But I think I finally figured it out! (Didn't have to look any further than a pic torn from Nylon on my bulletin board.) Michael Pitt, the young actor best known from The Dreamers, Last Days, and Hedwig and the Angry Inch, is often described as a "bad boy." But that's just lazy journalism! Mr. Pitt used to live in a Chinatown one-bedroom with about nine other dudes, hates the Hollywood machine, and every interview he does takes on a pained, "oh, the indignity of it all" tone. And, as I recently discovered in the latest issue of Mass Appeal, he lives in nearby Bushwick! (Update! Our former managing editor Choire Sicha once profiled him.)

In an July 17, 2005 NYT piece, Pitt is quoted as saying, "Let's go to Greenpoint and drink some beers." Words close to my heart! The bar in question, Connie O's, is conveniently, coincidentally, right around the corner from my house. No one goes to that dive but old men. Old men, Michael Pitt, and me.

Let the Critical Stalking commence.