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Are you a single Googler with some pull at YouTube? Looking for love some raunchy sex? We have the girl for you. Check out this Craigslist posting from a classy lass with a problem. Can you help her out?

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Date: 2008-02-29, 8:55PM

First off, to all the dipshits who made me have to do this over and over: I'm fucking real so keep your fucking cursor off the fucking flag button.

Fuck. Damn this ad is weird. OK well here goes:

If you don't work at google or personally know anyone who works at google/youtube, you need to hit the back button now because you won't have a chance at sexing me. I warned you this was a weird ad.

Basically one of my youtube videos was disabled because of some douchebag and I'm trying to get it re-enabled. I've sent complaints, emails, everything, but damned if they can fucking hear me. This isn't some shitty little home video either, it got 300,000+ views and thousands of ratings and I WANT IT BACK. So bad that I'm willing to sex you if you can make it happen.

She continues:

Let's be clear here:
I DON'T want your money,
I DON'T want your pics/dick shots/whatever, and
I DON'T want to hear from you if you can't pull a string at google.

If you send me some unrelated bullshit email that in no way, shape, or form, addresses your ability to restore my youtube video, I will add your email address to the North American Man/Boy Love Association mailing list.

We clear? Good.

I can only assume if you've made it this far that what I'm asking is within your power, so what can you expect in return? Well for starters, I'm on birth control so you'll get to cum inside me. (I doubt that silicon valley nerds are high STD risks.) I like getting my hair-pulled, my ass smacked, and I love sucking dick. Like, LOVE it. Most of the time I prefer it to sex. In general, be rough with me, be a man. No anal though. I tried it once and couldn't walk straight for two days. No anal. None.

Send me a message to get the video ID of the youtube video I want restored, and once I see it's back online, we'll make arrangements to meet.

Sadly, it has once again been flagged for removal.


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