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A tipster writes in about Google VP Marissa Mayer:

Sorry this has to be anonymous, but any reports on Marissa which don't disclose how she is despised within the company are frankly shocking given your intimate details and accuracy for the goings on within the company. She is the only executive that is truly hated.

He continues:

Substantively, she is by far the largest bottleneck in the company, and she likes it that way. She keeps people waiting outside her office for hours, she only focuses on projects that will generate her PR, and she will make compromises to those projects to ensure she maximizes her personal PR. If you aren't getting this, you simply are not asking around, and your puff pieces on her, seem like they are scripted by Google's PR machine. Considering how you lambaste other Googlers, this absence is shocking. All of us are hoping she does leave within 2 years, and perhaps with some negative PR it will be sooner.

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