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If any of you had the fortune of seeing Susan Sarandon and Ralph Fiennes in HBO's latest TV movie Bernard and Doris, you may remember the tobacco heiress's inexplicable desire to adopt a hare krishna healer. And now, following in the aristocratic footsteps of her idolized lady-who-lunch predecessors, Paris Hilton has decided to add a Buddhist monk "guru" to her ever-changing collection of confusing, flamboyant accessories. The gray-bearded, orange-robed monk has now replaced her standard arm candy of dogs, D-list actors and purses emblazoned with her own visage on them. But is Paris genuinely interested in learning the ways of the Dalai Lama, or is she eerily mirroring Duke's descent into madness?

And what sort of enlightened activities are the new LA couple up to these days? Well, for one thing, the pair is fond of staging elaborate spiritual lessons, including photos of the as-yet-unnamed guru teaching Bimbo Summit leader lessons from a book called The Path To The Painted Shaman, and driving around LA drinkin' Starbucks and talkin' inner peace. Though we're reminded of Paris's five-second religious awakening, that period merely included staged photos of Paris clutching the Bible (which she, uh, apparently didn't actually read), this new fella in Paris' life may actually be doing some good. According to the Daily Mail, The Bearded One has already convinced the lingerie-wearing birthday girl to "give away a piece of diamond jewelery as they wandered the streets together." Geez, and all Duke's healer did was run off with all her money. Maybe this five-minute fling may actually do some good?

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