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If we could swap ex-boyfriend lists with any celebrity, it would have to be newly-engaged (!) Winona Ryder. Johnny Depp, Rob Lowe, Daniel Day Lewis, Christian Slater, David Duchovny ... swoon. But we digress. The Getty Images blog is reporting that the top-heavy worldwide-forgiven shoplifter is with fiance. And while the lucky guy in question isn't the prettiest boy she's ever gotten under the covers with, he's got rocker cred. Cali native Blake Sennett, guitarist for indie band Rilo Kiley, has apparently been working with Winona on a film called Water Pill, though we can't find any mention of the mystery flick on IMDB or elsewhere (perhaps it's an indie sex tape? One can only hope.) More details on when and where they made their announcement, including what newly appointed cultural observer Courtney Love had to say about it, after the jump.

As Getty is reporting (though we're not sure just how credible their skills are, considering they spelled Sennett's band "Rilo Kelley") that Winona "reveled" her engagement at the Valentino fashion show in Paris over the weekend. And Courtney Love is quoted as slurring, "You're no one in music until you have feuded with me or until you sleep with Winona." Question for ya, Court? Have you slept with the pixie-haired dish? Probably not, but we are guessing you've frequently feuded with yourself in the mirror after one or one hundred decadent nights. In any case, we're raising our champagne flute along with Court and toasting to the happy couple. We'll be first in line to pick out some Marc Jacobs dresses from their wedding registry.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]