"Do you want to experience life in New York City with the class, comfort and style (not to mention social network) you were raised with in the South?" asks the young belle behind Southern In The City. Why, yes we sure do, sugar! The website offers Southerners moving to the city a chance to network, learn about neighborhoods, and find an apartment. Because "Daddy was right when he told me everything in NYC is either a hassle or a hustle."

I learned the hard way that City life ain't for the faint of heart. I've lived in five apartments, had eleven roommates and four jobs. I am just now (after three years) settled into an apartment, a job and a life I love in New York City. I have the most charming apartment in SOHO and a wonderful job at an Investment Bank... a completely different life from where I started...at a scandalous hedge fund while living in Elderly-ville...Don't make the same mistakes I made... Be smart and start with the network I've built over the past three years.

Sounds like it was really rough! Here are the types of packages you can choose from so you don't have to repeat her mistakes, darlin':