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· OMG! AFTRA wants SAG to start negotiating with AMPTP ASAP! [Variety]
· What do Charlie Sheen, Rosie O'Donnell, and Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard have in common? Hint: Not talent! A year-old interview with the La Vie en Rose star reveals she's a 9-11 conspiracist, too. Edifice sept! Edifice sept! [Variety]

· As we mentioned on our way out the door Friday, Saturday Night Lez Ellen Page is indeed dropping out of Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell due to "scheduling conflicts," the "exhaustion" equivalent of the script-hating realm. [Variety]
· High School Musical: The Reality Show is being developed for ABC, where youg contestants will be judged on such categories as singing, dancing, and their ability to bounce back from internet nudie photo scandals. [Variety]
· Ed Asner will play Paul Dano's "pot-smoking, gangsta rap-loving father" in Gigantic, in the hopes of nabbing a 2009 Honorary Alan Arkin Oscar for Outstanding Achievement Playing Lovably Outrageous Grandpa. [THR]