Nina DiSesa Becomes Her Own Blog Nightmare"I've seen blogs where if you don't have your name on [a comment], they won't run your answer. I respect those blogs, and the people who run those blogs have a great deal of integrity," said blog-hating ad agency exec Nina DiSesa in an interview we posted earlier today. Among those cowardly bloggers who provide a platform for totally anonymous comments: Nina DiSesa!

DiSesa set up a (pitiful) blog to help promote her book, "Seducing the Boys Club." It's on Blogspot, and it has four total posts. [We might also mention that although one of those posts touts the upcoming review of her book in the NYT business section, there is no follow up post to note that the reviewer called the book "contradictory" and "depressing"] And look at the terrifying, child-harming cowardly activity that took place on her blog just yesterday:

Nina DiSesa Becomes Her Own Blog Nightmare


An anonymous comment! Who is thinking of the children? We must now wonder whether DiSesa herself has "a great deal of integrity." The only thing we can say for sure about her personally philosophy now is this: "Don't assume that men never listen. They listen like a dog does."

[Thanks to commenter belltolls]