Oh. My. God. Tinsley Mortimer, famed New York socialite and personal hero of mine (sort of), may be cobbling together some sort of reality show. Guest Of A Guest got a tip that this casting notice is referring to the blonde dynamo. The casting calls for "the nations [sic] most ambitious, driven, stylish and socially conscious young debutantes of pedigree from all over the country [looking] to propel your careers, social standing, and your causes onto the world stage with New York's reigning socialite princess." Could this be Tinz?? Is she still reigning? Is there some other be-Chooed teeterer that has knocked her off the throne? We will, of course, keep you pathetically, desperately updated. Woot! [GOaG] After the jump a very important (i.e. fake) quote from Ms. Mortimer.

When I heard that I was doing a reality show I was lying in my bathtub on the third floor wearing my rain slicker and thinking about sea lions. One time at the Sea World zoo I got in a fight with a sea lion because he was very mean to me and I don't like that. I think that must be why I wanted to do a reality show, you know? So people will be nice to me who aren't Guadalupe (she made me tacos today with peanut butter and jelly in them and they were sooo good!) I wonder if Kristian will help me with the reality show because he is a gay person and they know a lot about TV shows and unicorns. But he is probably busy with his work with the beep boops down at the Port Authority. I would like a unicorn. Do you know what time it is? I think it's midnight. I miss the bathtub.