Wales's last-ditch bid to make up with girlfriend

A tipster reports overhearing Jimmy Wales at SFO the morning of Saturday, February 23, pleading with a girlfriend — presumably Rachel Marsden — to keep the relationship alive. His eyewitness report of the conversation:

I was in the SF airport waiting to travel home Saturday morning after GDC. Jimmy happened to be sitting at my gate talking to his girlfriend on the phone. I kind of eavesdropped in on what they were saying. He was telling her that he would give her one last chance but things had to change. He said that he didn't like her emotional swings. He said one minute she would tell him how great he was and how lucky she was then the next minute she would flip out and start screaming at him about what a jackass he was. From your article, apparently, he was right. She is crazy. In any case, I am sure she knew well before he posted on wikipedia that she got the boot. I just think she is nuts.
A week later, Wales dumped Marsden via Wikipedia . Update: Marsden doesn't recall a conversation like this. But she does add: "I've never been in any relationship where a guy had his hand krazy-glued to the 'drama knob' as much as Jimmy. It was like clinging to the back of a roller coaster."