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In an IM chat with ex-girlfriend Rachel Marsden, Jimmy Wales scolded Valleywag for not following his sex life more closely: "I have shown up at many different Silicon Valley events with many different "dates" through the past year or so, although not always actually dates, so the assumption would be colleagues or whatever, and figured they would eventually pay attention to that." True, Jimbo, we've been remiss. And we're doing our best to make it up to you. Besides Marsden, we've heard two names frequently linked to Wales, who is separated from his wife. Either would be an impressive catch. If the rumors are true, then all we can say is — well-played, Jimbo, well-played.

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Andrea Weckerle A PR and new media expert, Weckerle has been spotted enough times at Wales's arm to raise questions about their relationship. One person close to Weckerle suggests that while she's in love with Wales, the feelings aren't requited. But Weckerle's said to have attended a New Year's Eve party in New York with Wales at a nightclub. (Note this photo with the caption "courtesy of J.")

(Photo by Andrea Weckerle)

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Louise Blouin MacBain A millionaire art collector best known for divorcing well, MacBain likes to collect the world's notables together in one room. Wales is one of her game pieces: "Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, wearing corduroy pants in a room of handmade suits." She's Quebecois: If the rumors about Wales and MacBain are true, that would make Marsden Wales's second Canadian.

(Photo by Craig Newmark)