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Frustrated Googlers have at least one new hire at Facebook worried.

Friend of mine from east coast recently interviewed at Facebook. When we met over dinner, I asked her what dept. she interviewed at. She said the one that deals with user interaction — or customer support. So I asked her why, knowing her major and interest is math. She tells me at Facebook, within 3-6 months you move up the ladder to the position of your interest. I've never worked at Facebook or any other big corp. so I thought may be that is how it works. Now I'm not so sure after reading about Google. Should my friend be concerned?

We'd like to assuage these concerns — partially.

Why fret? Well, maybe because Facebook just hired the executive who oversaw Google's online sales and operations as its COO.

On the other hand, two reasons to lift up your chin: One is spelled I-P-O. The other? Facebook's ultimate frisbee dominance over Google. See below for a second, larger picture of Facebook's annual Games Day intramurals event in 2007. One in which Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg looks less lonely.

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