Judith Regan, former high-powered publisher with News Corp.'s HaperCollins, who notoriously carried on a gross affair with disgraced criminal former top cop Bernie Kerik in a Ground Zero apartment, and who was fired for, among other things, embarrassing the company with her O.J. Simpson book (and some alleged anti-Semitic comments), and who settled a wrongful dismissal suit with News Corp. for a rumored $20m–$25m (or maybe $10m) will need that money to pay off her old lawyers, whom she dismissed in favor of showbiz law legend Bert Fields. Regan's old lawyers at Dreier LLP say they worked 1,200 hours and received only $125,000. Fields says the suit brought by the old attorneys is without merit. And it was reported in Page Six, a happy part of the News Corp. cabal family. [NYP]