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Dear Web 2.0 cool kids: I'm one of those people you like to call "OLD" and whom you're sure "doesn't get it." Still, for some reason you want me to write about you for those doomed East Coast newspapers I hang out at. If you want me to attend one of your events, just put the time and place in an email. Don't send me an easily-lost IM that links to a page on Facebook, which requires me to create an account to see the event info. Don't then send me from Facebook to Eventbrite to RSVP, forcing me to create yet another account just to acknowledge that I'm coming. Great, now I receive colorful HTML email daily from these and a dozen other sites that buy exclamation points in bulk: "Shameless Networker is your friend! You have 28 new alerts!" How about if you just write up your next shmoozefest yourself and post it to Digg? That seems easier. (Image by