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My gripe about Web 2.0 invites has prickled a few PR 2.0 types who fervently believe that my career will just explode if I sign up to get spammed on Eventbrite. Look, people: In one day, Valleywag nitpicker-in-chief Owen Thomas will typically contact me through (1) email, (2) SMS, (3) IM, (4) voicemail, (5) Campfire, (6) Facebook, (7) Movable Type comments and (8) Tadalist which he uses only because it sounds gay. Usually he wants to remind me that we're supposed to use an <em> to italicize words in posts but an <i> tag in comments. (And I had to fix his HTML in this post, too. - Ed.) So if you sent me a Super Press Release on Facebook, I was too distracted to notice.