Concubine and concierge all in one — for $5,400 a day

The most enterprising escorts understand that deep-pocketed clients are usually too busy to book their own leisure activities — any of them. These women bill themselves more or less as concierges. They arrange hotels, flights, dinner reservations, admittance to golf clubs or sex clubs. Kari, above, is available for an entire day of pampering in the Sonoma Hills. What does $5,400 get you?

Her ad puts it this way:

I have a mission for you, should you choose to's you here, at the cottage for a night, then off to adventure in the city or the west Sonoma hills, ocean, and local delicacies, the fragrance of blossoms in the air...then settle into sensual exploration and relaxation at the B & B of your choice...
That is, a full-day vacation, both in and out of the bedroom. How do you set it up?
  • Email her with a flirty, but direct message. Reference one thing you were turned on by in her ad (hint: "that gorgeous photo" is better than "your ass".) Tell her what specific days you're interested in.
  • Give her a top three list of restaurants to meet at. This sets a price range, as well as acknowledging you understand you'll meet in public first where she can scope you out in front of witnesses.
  • Who's booking the hotel? If you need her to make the reservations, let her know up front. She may assume the office has you covered, since business travelers make up so much of the client base.
  • The next day? A drive out to Napa, or a day in bed? "Let's just stay in and order room service!" has come to be code for wall-to-wall sex. Have a public excursion in mind, too, to pace yourselves. Invite her to make suggestions. Whenever I couldn't gauge a new client from my end, I'd suggest a modern art museum followed by a strip club.

(Photo of San Francisco & Sonoma travel companion Kari Sedina from Eros Guide)