"I'll never write a listicle," promised exiting Gawker editor Choire Sicha, naming the article form that symbolizes mediocrity (unless you are the Constitution). And while everyone in media except Sicha remains willing to pass off lists as articles, not all listicles are equal. Here are the industry standards for number of items in a listicle.

1: New Yorker, Atlantic

2: Reason

3: Slate

4. Economist

5: Esquire

6: Highlights

7: McSweeney's

10: Cracked.com; the online arm of every major magazine

11: Cosmo Girl

12: Cosmo

15: Men's Health

23: Real Simple

25: Fortune

60: Entertainment Weekly

100: Radar, Rolling Stone

300-700: Vogue

701+: New England Journal Of Medicine

As you can see, the cachet of a listicle vs. the number of items listed roughly follows an inverse normal curve, with an "uncanny valley" bottoming out in the teens.