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Freakishly boyish FCC chairman Kevin Martin isn't exactly denying our earlier report that his commission was considering a "do-over" hearing on net neutrality. The first hearing, held at Harvard, dealt with regulations on what Internet service providers can do to privilege some kinds of Net traffic over others. It was marred by a seat-packing scandal: Comcast paid people to hold spots in line for Comcast employees who never showed up. A FCC representative gave this unhelpful quote on the subject of a new hearing, which we've heard could be held at Stanford:

The chairman never indicated that there would or would not be additional hearings, only indicated that there may be additional hearings. No decision has yet been made.

Martin did say, "Certainly, California could end up being a good place to end up doing it." Good for everyone except Comcast, that is, which will likely face an even more hostile crowd at a new hearing — one not on its payroll.