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Is it possible that Lindsay Lohan has not only achieved sobriety but also a knack for irony to rival Jon Stewart? At a party celebrating her Paper Magazine cover yesterday (which features a sour-looking badass version of the Lindsay we once loved to hate), LiLo decided to show up wearing a "skirt" emblazoned with neon traffic signs (is it just us, or does that look less like a "skirt" and more like a tube top?). We hope that Eli Roth was in attendance at the party so he could exact revenge on the ageist nip-flasher by loudly muttering "too Spencer's" as she strutted by.

Some of the cautionary symbols that appeared on Lohan's "skirt" were "No Parking," "Two Way Traffic," and what appeared to be a Handicapped Zone sign. Is it only because the two-time DUI offender is incapable of reading these handy signals that she dared wear this monstrosity in public? Or did the rehab alum take a Humor 101 course at the very highly-regarded Cirque Lodge? In any case, as long as she's not raiding someone else's closet looking for a clean pair of cokepants, we'll consider it a positive step on her road to recovery.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]