Star talking something Julia Allison recently shared that it wasn't until she was 24 that she first enjoyed the pleasures of a vibrator &mdash "huge mistake, btw." The prompt for this admission: Julia Allison's recent speaking engagement at the NYU "Sextravaganza!" (There is no audience on Earth to whom she will not overshare.) A tipster writes in to say she repeatedly asked the presenter to whip her. After Julia's past brushes and bruises with Men's Health editor Dave Zinczenko, we predict she'll be showing her prized welts to any group of six or more by week's end. Full tip after the jump.

Last night, a buddy of mine (who is a peer sex educator at NYU, meaning he sleeps with the gays after giving them advice on safer sex) hosted a Residential Education event entitled "NYU Sextravaganza" at the Brittany Residence Hall, with special guest Julia Allison. Not only did she make a fool of herself, but she also asked to be repeatedly whipped by the flaming presentor. He did three times, each time a little harder (Julia's suggestion) because he was being too gentle and "a bitch." Apparently he left a mark on her arm (though I wish it was her face!). She also stated that she didn't know what a butt plug was, and that she's never had anal sex (you do what you'd like with a joke there).

After awkward flirty exchanges in front of the crowd, the gay boy asked her out, to which she declined because fat ass was planning on getting some french fries. Though must of us assumed it was code for another round of pink vodka.

I don't know why I hate the bitch so much, but yeah, I should have just rented a porn and spent my evening masturbating.