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If you saw 2007's instant classic doc King Of Kong: A Fistful Of Quarters (which, btw, was totally hosed by those n00bs at the Academy), you'll certainly agree that Steve Wiebe is probably the greatest human being ever to walk the Earth. But if you saw the film when it was released on DVD about a month ago and poured through the extras as religiously as we did, you likely learned that Wiebe's Donkey Kong world record was broken by cinema's most dastardly villain, Billy Mitchell, in June of 2007. Well, to that end, our friends over at /Film are reporting that Steve Wiebe will be attempting to reclaim his rightful position as DK World Champ in Vegas tonight at some Microsoft sponsored nerdfest. Twin Galaxies kingpin / referee / stoner supreme Walter Day will there to oversee the event, so you can be assured no videotaped shenanigans will stand in the way of Wiebe this time. Break a leg barrel, Steve! [/Film]