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The perenially ratings challenged yet highly adored Friday Night Lights has been on life support ever since the WGA Strike shut production down on the show's second season. First, Peacock Emperor Ben Silverman gave the show the Diss Of Death ("Unfortunately, no one watches it. That's the thing with shows. People have to watch them.") in an interview with Radar. Then, the good people over at launched a spirited internet campaign in an attempt to save the show, only to be shut down days later by the shortsighted suits at Viacom. But just when it appeared that the guillotine was ready to fall, Nikki Finke is reporting that the show is set to be picked up for a third season, thanks to a unique partnership formed between NBC and DirectTV.

It's an innovative deal where NBC found a partner who will share costs and exhibition windows," an insider explained.

While Finke also reports that the network execs in Burbank definitely received scads of mini-footballs in a show of support from the show's loyal audience, there isn't any indication at press time that shattered lightbulbs made it any further than the mailroom. Either way, congratulations are due to all who fought for the show to survive. Don't get too excited, though, for all this news really means is that you've just bought yourselves another 365 days in which to start planning NEXT year's "Save Friday Night Lights" campaign. We'll see you then ... same bat time, same bat channel.