Kids at St. Paul's—the boarding school of John Kerry, New Yorker scribe Nick Paumgarten, heiress/psychiatrist Samantha Boardman, former Paris Review deputy publisher Lea Carpenter, and n+1 co-founder/zeitgeist-capturing novelist Ben Kunkel—have just witnessed their very first act of the kind of racism that isn't subtly ingrained in the system that allowed them to attend that prestigious institution: a black student received a threatening letter in the mail. "The top of the letter said 'Get Out,' John said. There was a bulls-eye in the middle and on the bottom, it said, 'Bang Bang,' he said." Three other black students received similar missives, all of which were "postmarked Manchester, through which all of the state's mail is routed." Don't worry, John. One of your classmates will get to the bottom of it in a thinky piece for The Believer in a couple years. [Concord Monitor]