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Forget Darfur, Iraq and figuring out that whole peace in the Middle East messiness; the UN is currently most concerned with figuring out why the kiddies love crackheads and drunks like Pete Doherty and Lindsay Lohan so damn much! According to the NY Daily News, a United Nations narcotics committee thinks that "Celebrities are often involved in illicit drug trafficking or in illicit drug use and this is glamorized." Oh the glamour of it all. After all, nothing makes us want to hit the pipe harder than seeing Pete Doherty smoke down with his kitten. And we've never wanted a drink so badly until we saw those positively French Vogue-worthy images of Lindsay double-fisting shots. We have a feeling you'll feel the "glamour" of it all racing through your soon-to-be-poisoned veins after taking a look at our gallery of the best moments in downright gorgeous coke-nosed, passed-out, nodding-off celebrity history:

Pete likes a touch of everything, but he looks most glamorous after being punched in the eye, drenched in sweat, and about to fatally fall to the stage in a fit of speedball-influenced seizures, or even more glamorous, share his crack with kitties:

Amy Winehouse's teeth really inspire us to start smoking the hard stuff, and that look of happiness on her face after visibly stuffing white dust up her right nostril is enough to make us move to Colombia and call it a life:

And finally, our favorite former drunk and all-around narcotics nutbag of love, Lindsay Lohan, whose gorgeous mug utterly emulates glamour in all possible ways:

[Photo Credits: Pacific Coast News, Splash News,, celebrity-gossip-net, The Sun,]