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People say Valleywag will stab you in the back. That's a lie. Valleywag will stab you in the face. Yet this whole Gene Simmons / Jimbo Wales perfect storm has gotten us added to every press release mailing list on the planet in the past week. The earnestly typed pitches from former co-workers are even worse. So, dear PR people, garage startup founders, and aspiring pundits: Take us off your list. Stop asking us to write a "snarky" post to promote your launch/event/deal/screwup. If you want coverage, send a Twitter to Robert Scoble and promise him an exclusive (I don't know what that means, but PR people say it all the time.) To get on Valleywag, go out and do something truly humiliating. If you get it right, you won't need to email us about it.