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Jerry Seinfeld hasn't had a whole lot to do since his seminal sitcom left the airwaves (completely voluntarily, despite what Larry King might have thought); his surfeit of downtime has been primarily filled slandering his wife's plagiarism accuser and shitting CGI honey-pats on the Oscars podium. It turns out, however, that Seinfeld will not sit idle much longer:

Sources tell that the 53-year-old comedian is in talks for a new series on his old net. The show is being pitched as "just like Curb Your Enthusiasm, but with Jerry, instead of Larry."

The series, which is aiming for a June premiere, will be set in New York and will feature Jerry Seinfeld playing himself in an exaggerated reality.

Using the Curb blueprint as just a launching point, the show will also incorporate elements from those completely racist and unfunny TV Juniors spots that NBC ran ad nauseam prior to Bee Movie's release. (Remember the one where they likened animators to illegal aliens, tackling them at a border fence? That was hilarious!) The result, What Is The Deal, will pit an exasperated Seinfeld against a variety of brown-faced service sector workers, who, as it turns out, really are the valet, after all.

UPDATE: NBC and Seinfeld's people deny the story.