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Some enterprising young lad submitted to Digg — eight days ago. Fark predates Digg by several years. It has elements of social news like Digg, but it's more in the spirit of the Daily Show than Digg's Slashdot-inspired tech obsessions. Submitter "topsyturvy" described it on Digg as "Fark: the not news news — News that doesn't matter. Not even sure if half of it is true, but it's funny." As of this morning, it had only garnered four Diggs. But that's not the saddest thing of all.

We suspect what's bumming Fark founder Drew Curtis out isn't that Fark hasn't made the Digg front page, but that Kevin Rose's site is valued at north of $200,000,000, while Curtis's labor of love merely — gasp — turns a profit. Not meta enough for you? Try this: Digg this story about Fark being Dugg.