A tipster tells us that he received a withering reception from the "suburban yeti" and "cookie cutter gay with a faux vintage beer shirt that he must have got at urban outfitters" who interviewed him this morning at Clandestine Industries, the fun little fashion club started by musician and anthropomorphized douchebag Pete Wentz. The applicant, hoping for a design internship, had his portfolio dismissed because his work was "too sophisticated" for the little be-studded cottage industry, which is simply looking for someone who can deftly create "a hoodie with bug eyes on it" (so sayeth the suburban yeti). Ooh, that sounds so cool (or whatever new word for "cool" our young are using)! I love things with bug eyes on them. Except for Pete Wentz's face. After the jump, the little rock star raccoon at the grand opening of his Chicago store. And then a fashion show!